Taking an Interest Survey

Who are these readers?

The beginning of the school year is full of assessments to help us see what skills our students already have. Some assessments are required by the school district, others are teacher created, so that we can collect data, and tailor our instruction to meet the needs of our students. It’s all very helpful and necessary, but before I begin any testing, I want to know:

Who my students are as readers? How they feel about reading?

At the primary level, students are developing their own reader profile. I truly believe that my students’ success depends upon their attitude about reading and their motivation to spend time with books. Much time is spent through out the year, and every day building the excitement of reading in the classroom. I’ll be sharing all of these ideas with you, but here is what I do first:

I begin the year by giving my students opportunities to show me their preferences.

A reading interest survey not only helps guide my decisions about what books to read aloud or stock the shelves with, but communicates to my students that I value who they already are as readers. They know that I respect their preferences and will even help find books that they will not only enjoy, but will help them become stronger readers and thinkers. Once that relationship is established, then students are much more open and willing to try a new book, or tackle assigned reading of my choosing.

 Reading Interest Survey Primary

Click HERE for a freebie copy of my primary reading interest survey. This can be implemented during the first few days of school, either in small groups, or as a class (read aloud the questions, then allow students to work on the bottom portion independently).


And in case you are like me, and want to read even more, here is a great article:

Reading Motivation: What the Research Says by Linda Gambrell and Barbara Marinak   http://www.readingrockets.org/article/29624


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